I now have more rice cookers than I need


Ironically, I bought only one. Rest of these rice cookers have been received as gifts. My sister in law for one loves shopping, but does not keep things with her. She gives them away as gifts. I have received one of these from her, and another one is a gift from one of the friends. She gave me this rice cooker at the time of our house warming ceremony. My mother gave me one at the time of our marriage. I used that one for a long time till I received the one from my friend. The one I bought is smaller, and the only one that I need. These rice cookers may not have advanced features that are now available in the top rice cookers nowadays but they are all functioning.


I am just confused about what I should do with them. My daughter wants to buy modern looking appliance with sophisticated features. My son is still young, and though I could hoard it, I am sure his wife would not be too happy receiving out dated rice cooker from her mother in law. May be they will even laugh about it behind my back. My older son already has already purchased one, and so has my older daughter. I am a bit hesitant to let go of the rice cooker that my mother gave. But comparatively, the rice cooker that my friend gave works better. If I give away what my sister in law gifted to me, she would learn of it, and our relationship could get strained.

I wish I had searched the net for any buy back offers, before ordering the smaller rice cooker. That way, I could have saved some monies, and given away one of the rice cookers. As things stand, I might be gifting away the rice cooker given to me by the friend to some old age home. That would still leave me with three rice cookers. Isn’t that one rice cooker too many?

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